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Friday, February 6, 2015

Poem: Itty Bitty School Bus Kitty Meets Itty Bitty Piggy

Itty Bitty School Bus Kitty heard a funny noise,
not like the kind that kitties make, or pups or girls or boys.
It had a high pitched squeal that made her want to plug her ears.
“Twas not a very pleasant tone, that most folks like to hear.

She hunkered down and slowly crept with eyes as wide as saucers,
careful to be certain that this thing’s path didn’t cross hers.
She found the sound was coming from her very own school bus.
She peeked inside the window to see what was all the fuss.

Her eyes grew ever bigger as she heard a tiny grunt.
Then, out from the cozy blanket popped a fuzzy little runt!
It had a funny pink nose shaped like that of a small heart
and it’s little wiggly tail was quite a curious body part.

And speaking of tails, Itty Bitty Eve’s wagged to and fro
and hoped this tiny creature was a friend and not a foe.
She quickly found no need to fear and that this was no biggie.
This squeaky little thing was just an itty bitty piggy!

Then itty bitty piggy wobbled up to kitty Eve
and pressed it’s heart shaped snout against her furry kitty sleeve.
Itty Bitty Eve then heard her humans call her “Lucy”,
and she would snort and grunt and honk just like a baby goose-y!

Itty Bitty Eve and Lucy soon became fast friends.
They chased each other through the house and frolicked to no end.
Then Itty Bitty Eve would pin her down for a tongue bath.
But Lucy didn’t mind at all (we couldn’t help but laugh!).

They shared their food and toys and little itty bitty bus.
They even shared a litter box (for us, that was a plus!).
Who could have ever guessed that such an odd, unlikely pair
would be such a blessed match, so full of tender loving care?

The sight of them together truly was a sheer delight
and there was no need to fear a little kitty-piggy fight.
They shared a common kinship and a bond no one could pity,
for they each found a loving home when they were both so itty bitty.

Katie Youngren
Another True Story (Freeman Press)