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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Story: Gordo's Story

A True Pig Story by Shirley Howard
This is the memoriam I sent to friends and relatives:

Gordo was brought home in September 2003 He and his sister, Babe, were 3 weeks old. The previous owner was going to throw them out because they were part wild hog. I couldn't stand it and I brought the pair home. Gordo was injured in November 2003 and taken to the vet. His hip was hurt and I had to give him shots twice per day to help him. He never recovered but he did father Ethyl's first litter. He was a sweet pig and will greatly missed as he left this earth April 17, 2006.

He is survived by his owner, Shirley; his wife, Ethyl; his children, Gracie Allen, Hambone, Teddyboar and Lucky. He has two daughters that were adopted out and live in Kileen. He has 3 grandchildren, Little Ethyl 3, Brewster and Alvin. He was preceded in death by a son and daughter that died at birth and 5 grandchildren that died shortly after birth.

Gordo will be missed beyond belief and I hope that he is with the God of Pigs in heaven.

Internment will be in the pet cemetery on the home place.
I have a story about Gordo my half pot belly and half wild hog.

In September of 2003, a man was going to throw out 2 little black baby pigs at the age of 3 weeks old. They were half black pot belly and half wild hog. I couldn't stand it since I already had 3 at the time and fell in love. Babe was solid black and Gordo had a little blotchy pink and black nose. As they grew up, the wildness in them would never let me hold and touch them but they liked being fed when I held the bowl.

Ethyl, Fred and Bobaloo took these little orphans under their wings as did my cat, Star. Wherever the pigs went, there was my little Star Kittie faithfully watching out for the new arrivals.

In November, I noticed that Gordo was laying in his bed and not moving. I finally got him and took him to the vet (of course the vet could handle him with no problem). She didn't see any real problem but he did have a noticeable limp in his hind leg. She gave me shots to give him daily. He lived in a pen I built on my back porch around the large dog house (dogs got kicked out). I put Babe in the pen with him and a light in the house for warmth.

He seemed to get better and he went on his merry way after about 3 weeks of nurturing and being fed up with the enclosure.

I scheduled him to be neutered and he went through that well. 2 months later I couldn't figure out what was wrong with Ethyl. I had to take her to the vet and she got a sonogram. Figured out what was wrong. Gordo had fathered babies at the age of 3 months old. Must have been right before I took him for surgery. You have to remember I did not know they could breed at 3 months old. They were my first pigs.

As Gordo grew, he still had a slight limp in his hip area. He did not seem in pain but after nearly 3 yr., it became very bad and the vet only thought it was arthritis from the injury. (They are only vets that do exotic animals around this area).

On April 17, 2006, the decision was to let Gordo rest in peace as it was best for him. His suffering was becoming too great. I still have 11 black pots (8 part wild hog because of their dad) and 1 white true mini. They are my love and my life.

Bobaloo could not be found this morning for feeding. After searching, I found him lying on Gordo's grave and he is still there after 4 hrs. He will only eat and drink there so I take it too him until I can fence the area off. So sad.