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Sunday, January 20, 2002

Poem: The Forgotten Fad, The Pet Potbellied Pig

Dumped, abused, left and alone,
Abandoned to live on my own.
Tortured, starved and beaten
Some even say, I'm good eaten.

Highly intelligent, but so confused,
Don't know why we are so used.
Once cared for, our humans raved,
But now, misused, injured, depraved.

So popular we used to be,
Extremely expensive, you see.
We were the ultimate fad,
Then everything went so bad.

Transported from our home, Viet Nam
We were a fad that went all wrong.
Torn from our country and home,
We should have been left alone.

Due to the nature of our kind,
And many humans, oh so blind,
Our care they didn't know,
Only abuse there was to show.

Our value, they say was gone,
When the market went all wrong.
There are so many of us here now,
To provide for us, they don't know how.

Some kind people are here to stay,
To help us live in our own way.
They accept us as we may be,
To live our lives happy and free.

We are here now, dependent and needy,
Left by humans, irresponsible and greedy.
We need your assistance to stay alive,
Until at the Rainbow Bridge, we arrive.

You can help, with your one small penny
Without it, food or home, we haven't any.
We beg of you, your money to give,
For our needs, love, and life to live. 

We are the forgotten fad, the Potbellied Pig

Ann Daniels
Oink-Oink Creations 2002