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Monday, June 11, 2001

Story: Audrey and the Honey Dew

A True Pig Story By Sally Sullivan-Hall

I promised to tell you all the story of Audrey and the Honey Dew......

When I was single and didn't have too much money, I thought I would go to the grocery store and ask the produce manager for any throwaway produce. You know, the kind that is still good but not good enough to sell it? He was kind enough to give me a pretty good sized box of mostly veggies. Anyway, in the bottom of the box there was 2 halves of OVER ripe Honey Dew melon.

Ok, here's where it starts to get good!!

In my infinite wisdom, I put one half of the Honey Dew in a dog bowl in the kitchen for Audrey to eat. I fully expected Audrey to eat it in the bowl.....NOOOOO. She grabbed the melon by the rim and it flipped over her snout. She couldn't see cause the melon was covering her eyes!!! She started to walk out into the living room (carpeted of course) with this dadblame JUICY, OVER RIPE melon dripping all over the place.

I freaked!! Wrong thing to do to a pig with her PRIZE melon!! So the chase began!!

Round and round the house we went. Juice dripping everywhere, Audrey bumping into walls, Sally in hot pursuit!! All I wanted was for her to go out the pet door and onto the deck to eat that blasted melon! All Audrey thought was that I wanted to take the melon away from her. Miscommunication, I guess,LOL!!!

It gets a little worse........I have a medical background and when I heard Audrey trying to breathe with the juice in her face, I started to think that she would aspirate the juice into her lungs!! I wish you all could hear me make the noise of her trying to breathe with that melon over her nose, LOLOLOL!!

Anyway, she didn't aspirate the juice and she did finally get out the back door. If I hadn't have been so busy trying to get her outside, I would have had the video camera going for sure!! Well, that's basically it. Lesson learned......give pig melon to eat but outside. LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL......

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