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Monday, July 19, 1999

Poem: PPMS

Don’t bother with me I’m telling you now,
I have PPMS and I am, one mean sow;
Pushing the furniture out of my way,
If you are smart you will hide for the day!

I don’t understand, just can’t figure it out,
I want a boar not a humans big snout;
I’m looking, hunting and rooting about,
This PPMS has about taken me out!

So if you are smart, you’ll stay out of my way,
I don’t want to hog and I don’t want to play;
Get out of my face or you’ll get whacked with my snout,
Golly, gee, I can’t figure this out!

I want to knock over everything in sight,
And rip and tear up with all of my might;
This PPMS, is wrecking my day,
Tyrant, I’m called, in an affectionate way.

Soon it will be over and then I will be,
My old sweet, charming self, you just wait and see;
Until the next time PPMS comes calling at my door,
Or until I get fixed, the problem to have no more!

A Hannah Hamm Original by
Sharon Jean Updike 7/19/99
All rights reserved, copyright H.I.S. Creations