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Saturday, August 14, 1999

Poem: The Flying Éclair

Lu Lu is in a frenzy,
And I know the reason why;
She's standing on the front lawn,
Looking up into the sky.

You see she hear a rumor,
About a flying éclair;
So now she's on the lookout,
Eyes fixed in a stare.

She was told to listen
For the sound the éclair makes;
Now she's starting to panic,
Her ears may need a second take.

She turned towards her mommy,
And said 'What do I do?
I know a candy wrapper sound,
And slicing veggies too.'

'Does it sound like dog food kibbles,
pouring in a bowl?;
What exactly is the sound?
I really need to know.'

'If I'm to catch this éclair,
Falling from the sky;
Should I not recognize the sound,
It might just fly right by?'

'So Mom, please, I beg you,
Tell me if you can;
What sound a flying éclair makes,
Cause I'm your precious Ham!'

A Hannah Hamm Original by
Sharon Jean Updike
(August 14, 1999)
All rights reserved, copyright H.I.S. Creations

Friday, August 13, 1999

Poem: My Best Friend

I have a very special friend,
And I'm her best friend too
We have a unique relationship
Respect each other too.

My friend and I don't always agree,
We sometimes see things differently;
But when all is said and done,
Our hearts do blend becoming one.

My best friend has no hands or feet,
She with words, does not speak;
Neither does she have a nose or toes,
And a tail from her backside grows.

She has four hooves to get around,
And makes different grunting sounds;
We love each other unconditionally,
My pig and I, best friends are we.

An Inspirational by Sharon Jean Updike (August 1, 1999)
All rights reserved, copyright H.I.S. Creations