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Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Poem: Under The Bed

Sandy and Jon,
Got a new bed;
Thought they’d be alone,
But got two roommates instead. 

Porgy and Bess,
They did decide,
To move in their bedroom,
And sleep by their side..

These two porcine,
Took on a job;
Of waking mom and dad,
With soft gentle prods. 

Things were going,
You might say okay;
When suddenly Porgy and Bess,
Decided to sleep a new way. 

Under the bed,
Went their tails and their snouts;
Pushing and shoving,
Things all about. 

Their new comfy nest,
What a great place;
Protected from harm,
They felt really safe. 

Suddenly, during,
The middle of the night,
Jon and Sandy,
Awoke with a fright. 

An earthquake we’re having,
Was what they though;
The box spring and mattress,
Being turned and then tossed. 

Upon further inspection,
This they did find;
It was not an earthquake at all,
But pigs being realigned!

The mattress was pushed up,
What else can you expect;
If you have two pigs sleeping,
Under your mattress! 

A Hannah Hamm original by Sharon Jean Updike (July 28, 1999)
All rights reserved, copyright H.I.S. Creations