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Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Poem: Manna Ball

I love to push my Manna Ball
It gives me such delight
As the rice puffs fall right out
I push with all my might

It helps me to get my exercise
Cause I live inside the house
Not only does it help my bod
But my mouth gets a "workout"

As I push my bright red Manna Ball
With "soccer" expertise
Each morsel tastes so very good
It's just beyond belief

My Manna Ball and I are friends
Inseparable, no doubt
My ball wants to get rid of food
And I just help it out.

Grandma fills it up real good
As I wait impatiently
Cause I know soon I'm going to get
Some wonderful yummies

As the ball goes round and round
With each push as I snout it
Dispensing joy to me, oh boy!
I couldn't do without it.

After I'm done, it comes to a rest
Real close, right by my side.
And naps with me, we are best friends
My Manna Ball and I

A Hannah Hamm Original by Sharon Jean Updike (July 20, 1999)
All rights reserved, copyright H.I.S. Creations