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Friday, July 30, 1999

Poem: Hot and Humid

Porgy and Bess are complaining
It's so hot and humid too
Momma Sandy cannot read their minds
Oh, what is a pig mom to do?

Mom filled their pool with water
They have lots of shade
But this is one hot summer
And they can't even graze!

They love to roam out in the yard
And sleep under the tress
But this heat is getting to them
If we could just get a gentle breeze

Mom worries about them daily
And in the night time too
This heat has us all in a frenzy
You'd think our house was a zoo

Right now they are very thankful
Don't have to wake the ramp
It's much to hot to venture out
It would just make them pant

Surely they are thinking
Better make the best of it now
Enjoy the heat of the summer
And eating ice cream, wow!

A Hannah Hamm original by Sharon Jean Updike (July 24, 1999)
All rights reserved, copyright H.I.S. Creations