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Saturday, January 30, 1999

Story: Henry

A True Pig Story by Becky 

Thank you for your informative page on Pot Belly Pigs. I have one who is 9 years old this month and I must say it wasn't by choice either---hee hee. Henry is a 1995 Georgia Tech graduate. It took Henry all of 3 years to make it through Georgia Tech. He even became a SAE fraternity brother and was voted in as one of the favorite frat brothers during his stay at Georgia Tech.

It was with sadness that he had to leave them all and come home to his Grandma in June of 1995 while his Papa (my son, Tommy) went off to make a living. When Henry's Papa (my son) left him with me (Grandma), he almost grieved himself to death. It was so sad to see him going down hill so fast and Grandma didn't know what was wrong.

So, I called the vet in Atlanta and he explained the problem to me, which I found hard to believe at first. He told me that I needed to get on the floor and cuddle, hug and talk with Henry to convince him that he was going to be loved at Grandma's house as much as his Papa loved him, but there were limits for me---hee hee.

You see, his Papa (my son) slept with him for the 3 years he was in Atlanta. Yes, in the same bed too! From a little piglet to a grown 3 year old hog. So Henry had to get use to having a bed of his own with his own pillow and blankets all on the floor and not on a 4 poster bed. He also had to get use to sleeping alone!!! This took some getting use too, but Henry adjusted and now he is a member of the family and behaves well.

He has the same freedom that his friends the cats and dog have, to come though the pet door when ever he wants. He isn't even fenced in either, so he has the full benefit of the yard to play in. Henry is really good about not leaving the yard. He must have a built in sense of boundary as he doesn't leave the yard.

Henry is happy now with Grandma, but is getting old and some times his old joints hurt and he wants to sleep on the sofa where it is soft and warm. Grandma isn't all for this, but she does give in more often than not these days as he will look at her with those sad eyes and then up he goes.

That is the story of Grandma's inherited Grandson Henry, the pet pig.