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Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Story: Coming Home: Wilbur's Story

A True Pig Story Sue Parkinson, Lil' Orphan Hammies

I'm really quite cute! OK, so my tongue hangs out of my mouth a little bit, noooo, I'm not sticking it out at you, I just can't seem to keep it in my mouth. But I don't see why that would be any reason for my family to leave me in the backyard and move away. Maybe they just forgot I was there, but the neighbor boys didn't. They came over everyday to feed me and give me water since no one lived at our house anymore.

Then someone told the boys about a pig sanctuary in Solvang called Lil Orphan Hammies because they saw an article in the paper once about it. So those boys picked me up and put me in the back of their pickup truck and away we went. I had no idea what was happening, but I knew I had better stay very still because I was in the back of a truck with the wind blowing on me.

When we finally stopped, I heard them asking a man at a gas station if they knew where Lil Orphan Hammies pig sanctuary was. Well being this is a one gas station town it seems everyone knows the pig lady, and they gave the boys the phone number. I heard them call and tell whoever they were talking to they were already in town with me in the back of their truck.

Well off we went again, but the next time we stopped, this crazy lady came out took one look at me and said how cute I was. She put her face right in mine and kissed me. Heck, she didn't even know me, but she kissed me, just like that. Who was this nut? Then she told the boys to follow her so off we go again.

OK, so it was an adventure and I obviously didn't have any say in the matter. I know this crazy lady wasn't thrilled to see I was in the back of a truck with no camper. But she figured I made it 3 hours on a freeway I'd make it 1 more mile to wherever they were taking me. Something called a Sanctuary.

When I got there I heard music and happy grunts. There were piggies just like me running all around and coming up to see who I was. Maybe I did fall out of the truck, but maybe I was in Hog Heaven! After all, there was music, flowers, trees and everyone was so happy. I was taken to a pen and given my own house, fresh food, water and blankets. OK, so maybe this wasn't Hog Heaven, but I liked it, I really liked it.

It was such a happy place. I only had to stay in the pen at night when I first got there, and I know why. Not all the other piggies are nice to the new kids on the block, some can be down right rude. But Sue always makes sure nobody gets hurt, and boy do they listen to her. I know one thing, she is the top hog there and she isn't even a pig. I over heard her say something about the hand that feeds ya. Whatever, all I know is I liked my new home.

Then one rainy day this family came for a visit. They kept coming back to me and they liked me. They thought I was so cute and so nice. Well what did they know. I am nice, after all, you don't want to mess with that hand that feeds you, right? Well the next thing I know, I'm being put in some funny little box. OK, so I could see thru it, and it was much easier than being moved the way those two neighborhood boys moved me. But where was I going. I didn't want to go anywhere, I was happy where I was, really happy. But I was going with these people who kept talking to me.

Well, here I am, in a new house with some strange people. Ahhhh, it wasn't so bad, they kept the goodies coming and I could sleep in the house or outside. Someone has to be top hog, and well they were sure easy to train, so I became boss hog of this place. But I was lonely for the music, the flowers, the trees, and my new friends I had made at that place they called Lil Orphan Hammies.

So I decided I wanted to go back. So today, I bit that kid they called their son, this loud little obnoxious child. I never liked him, never was going to and he didn't like me either. I just know he didn't, but I wasn't brought there to be a pet to him in the first place. It was his daddy that liked me the best. I just couldn't see spending any more time with this little creature so today when he was teasing me with the banana, I bit his chin. Not to hard, but hard enough to make his mama call Sue to come and get me.

YESSSSSS, it worked! I am on my way back to Lil Orphan Hammies. She told Sue she just couldn't have an animal who would hurt that teasing child of hers. I didn't really hurt him, just pinched him. I was making a statement in the only language I knew how, with my mouth. People sometimes just don't understand our language. So we have to take the next step. Of course I had other plans in mind when I did it and that was to get back to that wonderful place I was before.

I can't wait till they put me back in that traveling box, cause I know I'll be happy and understood where I was before I was brought here. I'm sure they will miss me, ya right, but I did hear her say how much they tried and how sorry they were that they didn't want me anymore. I never let Sue see this side of me at the sanctuary. Heck, I was to happy to be ugly like that to her, there I was an angel. That is why it is like Hog Heaven.

Sue makes it Hog Heaven for us there, that is why we want to stay there. Hmmm, I wonder if all my same friends will be there when I get back? Well, tomorrow I'll find out. Oh boy, I can't wait to go home.

Love Wilbur

A note from Sue
Every now and then we make a placement and it doesn't work. Wilbur will always have a home at the sanctuary, not that he will always stay, but we can learn from our mistakes. Wilbur became territorial in his new home when dad wasn't around. It's obvious Wilbur didn't like the child.

I am usually very very careful in my placements, especially when children are involved, but this time, Wilbur showed a side I never see at the sanctuary. When pigs are in herds it's sometimes hard to tell how they might be outside of it. As for Wilbur they visited with him often before the adoption and were really taken with him. He's been in the home for almost 6 months, but they have a fear of him now.

Sometimes you can tell it's just better to take them back, then to try and work with them to keep the pig. It's not fair to either one. I know I offer a real Hog Heaven to my pigs, after all, I want them to feel like it is their home. But dog gawn it, it doesn't mean I want them to bite their way back. Live and Learn.