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Tuesday, December 23, 1997

Poem: My Pigger, My Child

My kids grew up,they all left home,
Only my husband kept me from being alone.

I seen this pig,at a lady's house,
I had to have one, quick as a mouse.

I acquired a baby hog, but she wasn't the same,
I soon found out, I had the wrong pig name.

So off I went, to find a potbelly pig,
I heard they didn't, get very big. 

She was silver and white, and oh so small,
And grew big fast, but not too tall.

I get mad at her, and she gets mad at me,
But I rub her butt, and give her belly rubs for free.

At night it's time to tuck her in under her quilt,
I think what a great relationship we have built.

The love I feel for her, is not to be taken mild,
She's my pigger and my new child!

By Sherry Collier, for Smudge